About Us

FunOnStreets , a walking tours company helps you with guided tours showcasing the myriad colours of Calcutta. Calcutta is a magical city with enigmatic but hidden beauty . It is this enigma which we at FunOnStreets want to reveal to you. Our aim is to show you the different facets of this city – the British Calcutta, the Calcutta of the Babus, the Calcutta of reformers and the birth place of nationalism.

FunOnStreets is just not restricted to showing you Calcutta as in appears in tourist books but to give you an “insider” view of this tremendous city. From famous attractions to unnoticed nooks, we intend to give you a holistic experience of the magic called Calcutta.

FunOnStreets’ journey began in 2016. It was founded by Navpreet Arora with the aim of promoting theme based walking tours in Calcutta. Her objective is to enlighten tourists and locals alike about a city the richness of which is overwhelming and intense but hidden beneath its skin. FunOnStreets through its tours wants to take people beyond the regular guide books and show them the real Calcutta , a Calcutta which has a fascinating time warped decadence and peeling opulence of the bygone era co existing with the modernity of a more faster life.